Robert Hugh Crockett Mary Louise Parkes Crockett



Married on November 9, 1899, Robert Hugh Crockett and Louise Parkes Crockett of Frankin, Tennessee, received many fine wedding gifts, some of which are offered for purchase in the display below.

The Crocketts were descended from Lt Andrew Crockett, Revolutionary War Soldier of the Virginia Militia and maker of fine rifles at the Forge Seat homestead in Williamson County. Louise Parkes Crockett, was descended from Revolutionary War Soldier, Second Lt. Martin Richardson of the Virginia Militia.

The offerings consist of 3 fine porcelain bowls in excellent condition.

The provenance of these bowls is accurate as they remained in the same Crockett family line, handed down to daughter and granddaughter. Information told by the daughter of Hugh and Louise Crockett in her lifetime to the granddaughter, still living, was recorded via written notations on each piece.

The first is an 1899 wedding gift, a floral bowl 12 inches square with a cream background and aqua, burgandy, gilt decoration. A Martha Washington is the center decoration. $450.00 USD


The second, an 1899 wedding gift, is white with gilt decoration and white and pink peonies. $325.00 USD


The third, below, an 1899 wedding gift, is light yellow in tone with pink roses and gilt decoration. $225.00 USD
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